The New Orleans Brewery Guide was created to promote New Orleans’ blooming craft brewery industry and to be a resource for visitors wishing to experience it. With more than 24 breweries, 9 distilleries and loads of brewpubs, Southeastern Louisiana is becoming a hotspot on the national level. We are committed to providing comprehensive, up to date information on everything that the area has to offer. Check out our website, neworleansbreweryguide.com for the most current information available. Enjoy your time in this great city and cheers!

Peter Van Dusen & Patrick Healey

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Kirk Coco
Founder, NOLA Brewing Co.

“Beer in New Orleans is dead.” Those were my words spoken one day to Miss Gertie, the Mayfair’s octogenarian bar owner, after reading the label on my 5th Dixie of the day and realizing that it was now being made in Wisconsin. That fateful day caused me to open NOLA Brewing Company in 2008, the first production brewery in New Orleans since Dixie closed In 2005. Since that day, it is quite obvious that, quoting The Princess Bride, beer was only “mostly dead”. In the last ten years brewing in New Orleans, as well as the entire state of Louisiana has not only been resuscitated, but is thriving more than any time since the dark (and dry) days of prohibition.

In this great guide, you will be introduced to each new brewery that has been the cause of this renaissance, as well as the best bars and restaurants that have supported the growth and variety of our current beer scene. Keep this throughout your travels as a partner in your beer exploration, and then hold on to it as a historical document. Because the next time you arrive in our city, we will have even more to offer.

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